$60-$100: Read Independent Bundle (promotion ended)

$60-$100: Read Independent Bundle (promotion ended)

by Ruby McConnell Author, Kaycee Eckhardt Author, Jackie Shannon Hollis Author, Rob Roberge Author, Dina Nayeri Author, Maia Kobabe Author, Jeff Alworth Author, Mohamed Asem Author and Super Pack! Author

From September 1-30, 2020, support Portland's small-to-medium-sized independent book publishers and fall in love with reading all over again with this bundle of beautifully-written creative nonfiction books that open the door to a wide and remarkable world.

Even though people are reading more than ever during the pandemic, many independent presses are struggling. Eight very different Portland-based publishers have teamed up to offer these books at a great discount. Read something new, and discover your new favorite publisher while you're at it!  

For the month of September, you can pick up all eight books for $100, or try four that we choose for you for $60. We can mail your books to you, or, in the Portland area, choose "pickup" shipping for contactless pickup at our North Williams storefront. (If you choose the pick-up option, please wait until you get a confirmation email to come pick up your books! We are experiencing some supply chain interruptions, and along with the popularity of this bundle that's resulted in some delays.)

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Note: Due to the popularity of this bundle, shipping and pickups may be delayed for a few days while we restock! Thank you for your patience.

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