How to Eat (Mindful Essentials)

How to Eat (Mindfulness Essentials)

by Thich Nhat Hanh Author

Yeah, so food. It's complicated. If you struggle with eating—too much, not enough, allergic to everything, skeptical of food systems, overwhelmed by everyone in the world telling you what you SHOULD eat for your own health and the planet and the animals... while at the same time being surrounded by thousands of terrible options. This little book by influential zen guy Thich Nhat Hanh takes all these complexities and brings it all back to the basic act of eating. Out of simple awareness of eating, you can then deal with all the rest of it too. Like the rest of this series, How to Eat is divided into two sections, "notes" which are really one or two page observations, and "meditations" which are more like instructions for specific things to say and eat and do as you garden, shop, prepare food, serve it, eat it, and clean up after the meal.