the bad brains play the 9:30 club in Washington, DC in 1983

$20 Superpack: Music Scene Histories

by J. Hunter Bennett Author, Cory M. Linstrum Author, Ben Nadler Author, Super Pack! Author and David A. Ensminger Author

Read all four volumes in our ongoing Scene History series: zines and short books telling the story of a specific place, time, and movement.

This superpack includes:

1. Punk in NYC's Lower East Side, 1981-1991 by Ben Nadler - exploring the history of Reagan Youth and other contemporary bands like Bad Brains to show how a punk scene can explode from the wreckage of intergenerational trauma

2. The Rock & Roll of San Francisco's East Bay, 1950-1980 by Cory M. Linstrum - three decades of bands that influenced our music history hugely but didn't make it into the books until now

3. Out of the Basement: From Cheap Trick to DIY Punk in Rockford, Illinois, 1973-2005 by David Ensminger - a chronicle of what kids can make out of nothing in a post-apocalyptic rust belt city

4. The Prodigal Rogerson: The Circle Jerks and The Golden Years of LA Punk by J. Hunter Bennett - one of punk's greatest mysteries, solved in this brilliant and darkly funny oral history

(Photo credit Bad Brains in 1983)