Dr. Faith signing huge stacks of Unfuck Your Brain, the non-digital version

Unfuck Your Ebooks: The Complete Digital Dr. Faith

by Dr. Faith G. Harper Author and Super Pack! Author

Are you a fan of Dr. Faith G. Harper's books? Want them all on your digital reading device to read on the bus, finding the exercise, perspective, or reminder that you needed, or to show to a friend in the middle of an excited conversation about trauma and healing? We've got you. This is a full set of all the Dr. Faith ebooks based on original paperback books. (We haven't included pdfs of workbooks or zines because honestly this is already A LOT, but if you want those too, let us know and we'll see what we can do.) We'll add to this as new books come out, but it may not be instantaneous so be sure to check that the book you want is on this list.

  • Unfuck Your Addiction
  • Unfuck Your Sex Toys
  • Unfuck Your Business (with Joe Biel)
  • Unfuck Your Eating
  • Unfuck your Grief
  • Autism FAQ (with Joe Biel)
  • Autism Relationships Handbook (with Joe Biel)
  • Autism Partner Handbook (with Joe Biel and Elly Blue)
  • Unfuck Your Cunnilingus
  • Unfuck Your Blow Jobs
  • How Not to Kill Yourself (with Set Sytes)
  • Befriend Your Brain (Dr. Faith for the younger set, or those who aren't with the swearing)
  • Unfuck Your Friendships
  • Unfuck Your Body
  • Unfuck Your Anxiety
  • How to Be Accountable (with Joe Biel)
  • Woke Parenting (with Bonnie Scott)
  • Deschinga Tu Cerebro (Unfuck Your Brain translated into Spanish by Cristina Martinez-Smith)
  • Unfuck Your Worth
  • Unfuck Your Year
  • Unfuck Your Anger
  • Unfuck Your Boundaries
  • Unfuck Your Intimacy
  • Coping Skills
  • This Is Your Brain on Depression
  • Unfuck Your Adulting
  • Unfuck Your Brain

You'll get your choice of pdf, epub, or mobi files of each of these.