a wall of shelves overflowing with books

$40 Superpack: Owning Our Damage Warehouse Sale!

by Super Pack! Author, Joe Biel Author, Elly Blue Author, Ian Giesbrecht Author, Jane Goodall Author, Meadow Shadowhawk Author, Washo Shadowhawk Author, Kaycee Eckhardt Author, Erica Dawn Lyle Author, Bert Davis Author, Holly Davis Author, Matte Resist Author and Emilie Bahr Author

10 books worth $150+, yours for just $40... it doesn't get much better than that! 

Here's a snapshot of publishing life: A truck arrived a few weeks ago with no warning, when most of the staff was out of town at events, and dumped six pallets of slightly damaged books in front of our warehouse, in a parting shot from our ex-distributor. Most publishers destroy damaged books; we prefer to rehome them. It's taken a while to sort the books out, put them away, and add nice discounts to their product pages, and they're already overflowing the giant new shelf we installed in the downstairs office to hold them.

Help us take them off our hands with this bundle of ten of the dinged books we have the most of.

Most of the damage on these is very minor—scuffed edges and bent corners. Not quite nice enough to sell in a bookstore, but just fine for reading. While a few of the books may have more interesting battle scars, all are in readable condition.

  • a wall of shelves overflowing with books