Unfuck Your Anxiety: Using Science to Rewire Your Anxious Brain

Unfuck Your Anxiety: Using Science to Rewire Your Anxious Brain

by Dr. Faith G. Harper Author

A lifesaver for stress, panic attacks, and chronic anxiety

Anxiety is a survival skill gone haywire. It happens when our brain is working so hard to protect us that it forgets to notice that the danger has passed. It feels like choking, stifling, smothering, tingling, panicking—our brains cut out and we start to make bad decisions—all normal anxiety reactions. Dr. Faith G. Harper, author of the bestselling Unfuck Your Brain and This is Your Brain on Depression packs a ton of knowledge and help into this practical manual. She helps us understand the history and science of anxiety, realize when it's become a serious problem, know the difference between anxiety and other conditions, and cope with it in the moment as well as addressing it long term. This book is a lifesaver for panic attacks, breaking out of flight-fight-freeze responses, similar and co-occurring conditions, and for chronic anxiety. Straightforward, funny, kind, and judgment free, it includes a wide range of tips, exercises, and medical interventions. It's also good for people who aren't burdened by daily anxiety but want to cope better with the tough life situations we all face. Read this book and breathe!

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Note: The original Anxiety zine became a Dr. Faith's book Unfuck Your Brain; this book version of This is Your Brain on Anxiety is greatly expanded and has about 30% new content that is different than what was in the original zine or book chapter. The new edition, Unfuck Your Anxiety doubles the content!

Comments & Reviews


"This book will help you understand and get a handle on social anxiety through hard scientific facts. If you're having a panic attack or find yourself freezing in social situations, this book will be your go-to handy guide."



...excels in its brevity, it’s almost Reader’s Digest version of coping and living with anxiety.
While people, who’ve lived with and researched anxiety for many years, might not find anything new in This Is Your Brain on Anxiety, this book could be an indispensable guide for a teen or young adult who’s just starting to understand his or her own anxiety.



"...worth reading as a gateway to getting more help for your anxiety, if needed. Faith G. Harper created an appealing book both visually and educationally!"



"...how to know when it is gone overboard and practical tips (breathe!) on how to deal with anxiety when it is getting bad."



I picked this up at the Microcosm Store yesterday. It's a great, helpful read. It breaks down anxiety and how to deal with it in a straightforward, no bullshit manner. I highly recommend it for anyone who would like to build their own brain-based anxiety care regimen. It costs about the same as the co-pay on a popular SSRI prescription, but without the annoying side effects.