an old chart of german chamomile

$20 Superpack: Herbal Healing

by Heron Brae Author, Raleigh Briggs Author, Isabelle Gauthier Author, Super Pack! Author and Lisa Vinebaum Author

Life is full of scrapes and sunburns and headaches and yeast infections and other ailments where the doctor isn't going to help you too much... or will give you something that makes everything worse. Learning to safely and wisely treat yourself for a lot of this stuff is an essential life skill. Make some tea and dive into these helpful books.

Make Your Place shows you how to use herbs and natural ingredients for first aid purposes... and also for cleaning your house. Raleigh Briggs's handwritten pages also show you how to grow this stuff in your yard or in a pot. This gorgeous little book is a good ally to have on hand. If you're planning to live free and want to stay healthy, a copy of Herbal First Aid will serve you well. Hot Pants is your guide to DIY gynecology and herbal treatments for your reproductive organs. And the Cat’s Claw Herbal is a pocket-sized zine that packs a ton of lore about growing, gathering, and using herbs—reading this one first will help all the others make even more sense!