an array of life-saving books and zines

$15-45 Superpack: Care Package

by Dr. Faith G. Harper Author, Super Pack! Author, Set Sytes Author and Cindy Crabb Author

Devastated by world news? The season or events in your life got you down? Or are there other things in life punching you in the gut so hard you don't know how you can get back up again? We hear you and we see you. This care package has tools and stories to help you keep your bearings and build a new normal. It's on a sliding scale, because we get it.

This pack includes these zines and books: 

Surviving: Getting Through the Shit Life Throws at You because sometimes you just need a strategy to get through the next fifteen minutes

How Not to Kill Yourself: A Survival Guide for Imaginative Pessimists - because we'd rather you stick around, thanks

Unfuck Your PTSD - because getting to know your brain is where it is at

Unfuck Your Sleep - because if you can sleep a little better everything else gets a little better too

Support - because it wasn't your fault, dammit

If we're out of any item when you order, we'll replace it with something else that's helped us in a similar way.