Superpack: Community Response Counter Display

Superpack: Community Response Counter Display

by Super Pack! Author, Dr. Faith G. Harper Author, Raleigh Briggs Author, Joshua Ploeg Author, Robyn Jasko Author and Kyle Bravo Author

Because social distancing doesn't mean we have to be lonely or bored

Social distance means relying on each others' support more than ever. This superpack is designed for our wholesale customers who want to offer their community solace, distraction, and resilient skills to carry into the future. It contains our bestselling books and zines for making your home cozy and soothing your troubled brain. 

2 x Make Your Place - nesting time! If you're going to spend all day at home, you may as well make it cozy, healthy, and nice-smelling. This pack includes the paper-over-board edition

2 x Homesweet Homegrown - It's spring, and the bees aren't virus carriers, so let's get our hands dirty and grow some delicious vegetables

2 x Making Stuff & Doing Things - soooo many projects and crafts, ranging from cheap to free. You will never be bored again.

2 x Unf*ck Your Brain - what better time to work through your emotional shit than when your coworkers aren't around to see you cry?

2 x This Is Your Brain on Anxiety - this slim guide packs a massive dose of explanation and aid for the anxious

2 x Coping Skills - a book full of strategies for surviving all different levels of stress, from the short to the long term, from the things you can control to the stuff you can't

2 x Surviving - a little zine about getting through the worst of the present moment

2 x Unf*ck Your Sleep - the basic commodity we all need most right now, that costs nothing but is in the shortest supply

2 x Fire & Ice - a small cookzine packed with vegan recipes for spicy food, cold food, and cocktails. Mmm, comforting

Request a free cardboard countertop display in the order notes if you'd like an easy way to show these off.