dr faith giving a ted talk on "shame, sex, and silence"

$25 Superpack: Dr. Faith's 5-Minute Therapy

by Dr. Faith G. Harper, Super Pack! and Helen Wildfell

Dr. Faith Harper is a badass funny lady with a PhD, a professional counselor, a certified sex therapist, and an adult person of major life experience. She's working on a book for us, and til it's done she keeps sending us these "5 minute therapy" zines. In them, she teaches you the skills she spent years and gazillions of dollars learning with all those fancy degrees. For your part, you get to learn some science, get a bit of direction in managing your life, and breathe easier and live a little happier.

In this superpack, we'll send you FIVE Dr. Faith zines (they are a little hard to keep in stock, so we'll send you what we've got—feel free to make requests in the order notes and we'll do what we can). Aaaand we'll throw in a copy of Helen Wildfell's book Consensuality. It's a good complement for all of these zines as it's all about having great boundaries and doing right by yourself and the people you're close to in life. 

Here's a list of all of our Dr. Faith zines so far. We'll choose you 5 at random (or guided by your notes): 

Adulting (because we could all use a refresher on this art form most of the time)

Relationshipping (because love is worth doing well)

Dating (not to be confused with relationshipping or hooking up)

Boundaries (those things we need if we want to get close to each other)

Coping Skills (for when you just can't even)

Surviving (for when you just need to get through it all)

Getting Over It (for whatever it is you need to get over)

Working (as in, at a job, even if it sucks)

Anger (didja know it's a secondary emotion?)

Anxiety ('cause that shit can really screw up your world)

Depression (the flip side of anxiety, and is it ever a doozy)

Addiction (because yes you can get your life back)

Grief (so, so hard... and it's way worse if you don't let yourself do it)

Defriending (including vital skills for figuring out when/if to break off any kind of relationship and then doing it like a big kid)

BDSM FAQ (which is really about learning good consent and how to ask for all those things your heart desires but you're not totally sure you're allowed to have) 

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) (the ancient art of tapping)

If all that doesn't help you change your world a little, we don't know what will. Now, go live that amazing life of yours!