A large collection of therapy zines in a display box

Five-Minute Therapy Display Pack

by Faith G. Harper, PhD, LPC-S, ACS, ACN

Want to glamorize your waiting room? Or perhaps for the store that has everything, add a display pack of Dr. Faith Harper's Five Minute Therapy! Includes: 

• 5 copies of Coping Skills zine

• 5 of Unfuck Your Adulting zine (out of stock)

• 4 Tapping Your Way to the Emotional Freedom Technique zines

• 5 zines on Relationshipping

• 2 paperbacks of How Not to Kill Yourself

• 2 Unfuck Your Brain paperbacks 

•  3 This is Your Brain on Anger

• 4 Surviving zines

• 5 copies of This is Your Brain on Depression, (out of stock)

• 4 Dating zines

• 3 paperbacks of This is Your Brain on Anxiety

• 3 Woke Parenting zines

• 4 zines about Boundaries

• 4 Unfuck Your Brain Workbooks

That's a total of 265 minutes or almost 4 and a half hours of therapy!

STORES: RETAIL VALUE IS $242.45 AND COMES WITH A DISPLAY BOX with 40% discount)! Want to customize a different Dr. Faith selection in this box? Drop a line.

*Out of stock titles will be replaced with other Dr. Faith zines. These out of stock titles specifically will be reprinted as books in December and October so feel free to pre-order those! In the meantime, we'll make sure to pack as much Dr. Faith Feel Better goodness into this display pack as physically possible!