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$80 Superpack: The (Nearly) Full Dr. Faith Five-Minute Therapy Set

by Faith G. Harper, PhD, LPC-S, ACS, ACN Author and Super Pack! Author

We've had a request for a superpack containing all the books and zines that Dr. Faith has published, and voila, here it is! She's prolific so we'll be adding new ones all the time and removing some zines as they develop into full blown books!

This pack contains six books:

Unfuck Your Brain

-Unfuck Your Intimacy

- This is Your Brain on Anxiety

This is Your Brain on Depression (the flip side of anxiety, and is it ever a doozy)

Unfuck Your Adulting (because we could all use a refresher on this art form)

-Coping Skills

and 12 zines:

  • Addiction (because yes you can get your life back)
  • BDSM FAQ (which is really about learning good consent and how to ask for all those things your heart desires but you're not totally sure you're allowed to have) 
  • Dating (not to be confused with relationshipping or hooking up)
  • Defriending (including vital skills for figuring out when/if to break off any kind of relationship and then doing it like a big kid)
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) (the ancient art of tapping)
  • Getting Over It (for whatever it is you need to get over)
  • Grief (so, so hard... and it's way worse if you don't let yourself do it)
  • PTSD (for when you're still dealing with the trauma way later)
  • Sexing Yourself (give yourself a hand)
  • STI FAQ (how to test for and then deal with the physical AND emotional impact of sexually transmitted infections)
  • Working (as in, at a job, even if it sucks)
  • Self-Compassion

Just want a few of these for now? Here's a 5 zine (and one book) starter pack. Want a selection to sell in your store or office? Here's our countertop display box of Faith's bestselling zines and books