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This Is Your Brain on Addiction: Where They Come From and How We Heal

by Faith G. Harper Author

Addictions replace relationships, says Microcosm Publishing bestseller Dr. Faith, in her latest series of zines that use brain science and swearing that'll make you laugh, think, and take the practical steps you need to. If you would like to not be addicted anymore, then this zine walks you through the array of options, from total abstinence programs to the many shades of harm reduction and replacing your problem relationship with more positive things. Worth reading if you're struggling with addiction yourself or if you're wondering how to help someone else.

This zine was expanded to become a chapter in Dr. Faith's book Unfuck Your Brain.

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This zine might be helpful for those who are suffering from the condition, but it humanizes addiction for unfamiliar readers, too. Zines like this will probably lead to more conversations around the topic, which in turn might mean less loneliness and less shame and more compassion and help, which would be awesome.