a small pile of plastic sticks with cotton swabs at the tip

$20 Superpack: The Life-Changing Magic of Fixing Shit Up

by Elly Blue Author, Heron Brae Author, Raleigh Briggs Author, Shelley Lynn Jackson Author and Anna Ricklin Author

Ready to get tidy but don't want to chuck all your stuff into a landfill? Open your eyes to the life-changing magic of fixing shit up instead of throwing it away with this sweet pile of zines that will teach you to fix the basic stuff in your life, from a scraped knee to your bicycle's brakes to that rip in your jeans. 

In this extra-handy superpack, Raleigh Briggs teaches you to Fix Your Clothes, the basics of Nontoxic Housecleaning, How to Make Soap, and Herbal First Aid. Heron Brae's Cat's Claw Herbal takes you to the next level with backyard medicine. Need to make a trip to the store for supplies? Shelley Jackson will help you get there with her Rough Guide to Bicycle Maintenance. Hungry from all this work? Wow yourself by busting out some banana curry from Anna and Elly's Essential Recipes for All Occasions

Finally, show your pride (and practice your new sewing skills) with a multi-tool patch!