Sticker #179: Bicycles Allowed Full Lane

Sticker #179Bicycles Allowed Full Lane

by Randy Albright

A sticker with the Oregon law about bikes being able to legally take up an entire lane of traffic.

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Sticker #075: Celebrate Efficiency over the Automobile

Sticker #075Celebrate Efficiency over the Automobile

by Joe Biel

Bikes are more energy efficient than cars. In other news, the sky is blue. Learn more: ...

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Sticker #001: Critical Mass

Sticker #001Critical Mass

by Joe Biel

Critical Mass is an event typically held on the last Friday of every month in cities around the world where ...

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Sticker #287: America's #1 Youth Killer

Sticker #287America's #1 Youth Killer

by Joe Biel

It's true, kids! The car kills more people under 35 than anything else! Beware!

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Sticker #283: Free Parking

Sticker #283Free Parking

by Joe Biel

Livin' the dream.

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Sticker #303: Saves Money, Creates Health

Sticker #303Saves Money, Creates Health

by Joe Biel

The car: Consumes Money, Destroys Health The bicycle: Creates Health, Saves Money Economics trumps car culture any ...

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Sticker #263: Tandem Racers

Sticker #263Tandem Racers

Everything's better with two.

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Sticker #286: Queer Punx!

Sticker #286Queer Punx!

by Rio Safari

Queer punks are everywhere!

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Sticker #281: This Is A Girl

Sticker #281This Is A Girl

by Robert Wildwood

 The "truth" is a lie repeated with frequency and consistency. Fight gender binaries. 

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Sticker #280: This Is A Boy

Sticker #280This Is A Boy

by Robert Wildwood

Put aside your confusion and respect identity. 

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Sticker #267: Life Is Either A Daring Adventure Or Nothing

Sticker #267Life Is Either A Daring Adventure Or Nothing

by Steven Stothard

If anyone knew anything about anything, it was Helen Keller. And now, dear stickerer, the choice is yours!

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