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Captain Rottsteak is a primarily self-taught underground comic book illustrator and author.

His comic book series Everything is Super was nominated for a Prix Bedelys award in Montreal, Canada for "Best English Self-Published Comic" in 2020. Rottsteak produced concept art and has artwork featured in the upcoming indie film "The Super Exciting Gang" directed by Ricardo Lorenzo. His artwork is also featured in the upcoming publications; Black Metal Rainbows, a visual art anthology book and Tales to Enlighten Vol.2, a graphic novel series by Matt King & James Edward Clark which are slated for publication in 2022. Captain Rottsteak currently lives on the East Coast where he works full-time at a tinned bean factory.

Everything Is Super: The Great Unwashed

Everything Is Super: The Great Unwashed

by Captain Rottsteak Author

Everything Is Super follows the misadventures of Lloyd the Human Hemorrhoid Herman as he stumbles through contemporary…


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