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Jessi Joan is a kinky, polyamorous, queer trauma therapist, artist, and writer based out of Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario. She is a survivor of childhood abuse and homophobic violence and entered the foster care system as a youth when it was discovered she was queer. She writes poetry and essays with the hope that other survivors find validation through the pages and writes queer smut as an act of rebellion against homophobia and shame induced by religious institutions. You can find more of Jessi's work at www.jessijoan.bigcartel.com, including her books Unbound and Death, Divorce, Desire.

Pretty Little Playthings: Queer, Kinky Stories (Queering Consent)

Pretty Little Playthings: Queer, Kinky Stories (Queering Consent)

by Jessi Joan Author

Get lost in stories of ties and whips, bite marks and bruises, a primal chase, femme bottom desire for their butch tops,…


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