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Obsessed seamstress Kate Weiss has been making clothing and tinkering with textiles for over a decade. She is on a mission to spread the magic and power that comes from creating garments, with fabrics you choose, to fit your body. She’s a sewing teacher, pattern maker, and one of her favorite things in the world is making her own jeans. Kate is super proud of her work as a Master Clothing Volunteer where she teaches sewing to young people across Jefferson County. She graduated from the wild institution of Goddard College with a BFA in creative writing and has worked in the book industry in one role or another her entire adult life and a few of her reckless teenage years too.  She lives with her husband, Michael, their son Henry, and their exceptionally sweet dog, Perl, in Louisville, Kentucky. She can be found online at katebweiss.com. This is her first book.

Radical Sewing: Pattern-free, Sustainable Fashions for All Bodies

Radical Sewing: Pattern-free, Sustainable Fashions for All Bodies

by Kate Weiss Author

Radical Sewing is a guide for learning how to make your own clothes. Kate introduces you to the basics and best…


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