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Born in Marietta, Georgia in 1978, Max Clotfelter creates comics that range in subject from auto-bio to acid-burnt, post-apocalyptic fiction, all thematically bound by a bleak southern gothic sense of humor. He has self-published nearly one hundred zines and mini-comics since discovering how to make double-sided copies in the mid-nineties. His work has appeared in Best American ComicsSlow Death ZeroMineshaft, and Treasury of Mini Comics Volume One & Two (published by Fantagraphics Books). Max currently resides in Seattle Washington with his partner and frequent comic collaborator, Kelly Froh.

Rooftop Stew

Rooftop Stew

by Max Clotfelter Author

Rooftop Stew collects a plethora of Max Clotfelter’s depraved comics, both fictional and autobiographical, blending…


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