Recipes for Disaster: An Anarchist Cookbook

by CrimethInc

Recipes for Disaster comes on the heels of the CrimethInc collective’s notorious first book, Days of War, Nights ...

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Ham on Rye: A Novel

by Charles Bukowski

In what is widely hailed as the best of his many novels, Charles Bukowski details the long, lonely years of his own ...

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Post Office: A Novel

by Charles Bukowski

"It began as a mistake." By middle age, Henry Chinaski has lost more than twelve years of his life to the U.S. Postal ...

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Women: A Novel

by Charles Bukowski

How-life writer and unrepentant alcoholic Henry Chinaski was born to survive. After decades of slacking off at ...

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Redefining Our Relationships: Guidelines for Responsible Open Relationships

by Wendy O-Matic

Our poly friends pretty much all say that Redefining Our Relationships is THE book, whether you're opening up ...

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The Flow Chronicles

by Urban Hermitt

The Flow Chronicles is the confused, horny, philosophical nomadic Hermitt against the world. A raw, druggy, sexed-up ...

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Things are Meaning Less

by Al Burian

Opening with a quote from punk band Black Flag ("Drink black coffee/drink black coffee/drink black coffee/and stare ...

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CARtoons Book

by Randy Ghent and Andy Singer

An incredible collection of cartoons, quotes, and succinct information presenting a personal and provocative look ...

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To Remember Spain: The Anarchist and Syndicalist Revolution of 1936

by Murray Bookchin

In the essays in this book, Murray Bookchin places the Spanish Anarchist and anarcho-syndicalist movements of the '30s ...

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Guts: Find Your Greatness, Beat the Odds, Live From Passion

by Sam Bracken

Failure is the only tool toward success. Think of it is the next rung on a ladder toward reaching your goals and ...

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Animal Ingredients A-Z, 3rd Edition

by E G Smith Collective

What the heck is rennet, and what is it doing in the soy cheese? Fear no more, vegan adventurers. Animal ...

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Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art

by Scott McCloud

Originally published in 1993, Scott McCloud's tome on the language and art of the sequential narrative has become ...

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Dispatches Against Displacement: Field Notes From San Francisco's Housing Wars

by James Tracy

A detailed study and true story about how the government and economic system favors the rich when it comes to housing ...

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A Comedy & A Tragedy: A Memoir of Learning How to Read and Write

by Travis Hugh Culley

When the public school system denies education to Travis, a "problem student," he takes it upon himself to master the ...

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Greatest Animal Stories

by Michael Morpurgo

17 classic tales told through the lives of animals. Very human lessons are told here and everyone can take something ...

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The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals

by Michael Pollan

What may at first glance appear to be a simple choice--that is, what we decide to eat when we're feeling hungry--is a ...

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All My Friends Are Dead.

by Jory John and Avery Monsen

Have you ever laughed and cried at the same time? All My Friends Are Dead is both the saddest funny book and the ...

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Lit Up Inside: Selected Lyrics

by Van Morrison

One of the most notable singer/songwriters in history has selected what he believes to be his most important and ...

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Marxism and the Leap to the Kingdom of Freedom: The Rise and Fall of the Communist Utopia

by Andrzej Walicki

A look at Marx and Engels's theories, their core ideology into the communist's society's future, and it's sinister ...

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Sashenka: A Novel

by Simon Montefiore

16 year old Sashenka Zeitlin becomes Comrade Snowfox in the nights of Russia as her parents remain preoccupied. She ...

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Dracula: Classic Graphic Fiction

by Penko Gelev, Fiona MacDonald and Bram S

The story of the Count and the legend of his monstrosity is retold and illustrated here with detailed, modern, graphic ...

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Classic Graphic Fiction

by Penko Gelev, Fiona MacDonald and Robert Louis Stevenson

What is good and evil? This vague question has been asked by author after author, but has never been answered quite as ...

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by August Wilson

From the spark of the Civil Rights movement, into the thick of it, Troy Maxson is forced to deal with the crushing ...

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Making Stuff: An Alternative Craft Book

by Victoria Woodcock

Endless how-to's. A new approach to arts and crafts focused on the art of the crafts and aimed at making home more ...

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A Warsaw Chronicle: A Novel

by Carol Hebald

Karolina Heybald meets a brilliantly gifted student, Marek, who also happens to be the son of a treacherous, Communist ...

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Rest in the Mourning

by r.h. Sin

A new way to look at love or lack thereof through real time, stream of consciousness. This book dissects human thought ...

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Mandala Meditation Coloring Book

Mandalas were created as a form of meditation, and here are 90 different, traditional designs to contemplate and enjoy. ...

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