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Lydia Rogue is a writer and poet living in Portland, Oregon. They write stories and nonfiction that centers trans people, when they’re not writing sappy love poems for their spouse or wrangling their four rats. You can find them online at lydiarogue.com

Sticker #422: Ask your partner first, dammit

Sticker #422: Ask your partner first, dammit

by Lydia Rogue Author

Worried about doing the wrong thing and hurting someone? There's a fairly foolproof fix for that: ask, listen, …


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True Trans Bike Rebel

True Trans Bike Rebel

by Lydia Rogue Editor, River Katz Cover, Elly Blue Series Editor and Elly Bangs Contributor

Bicycling as a sport, a means of transportation, and a passionate pursuit is explored here by transgender, …


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