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Marc Campbell is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Florida. He has worked in the counseling field for over five years. He is a part of the LGBTQ+ community and has experience working directly with LGBTQ+ youth, many of whom were homeless. As a LMHC, he had the unique experience of working as a middle school counselor, where he fought to start the first LGBTQ+ support group at a rural middle school in Central Florida. He was a panelist for Equality Florida’s All Together Now Conference, which aims to secure safe learning environments for LGBTQ+ students. He was a guest speaker on Communication Skills and Body Positivity for Bros in Convo Initiative, a Black Queer-led grassroots organization focused on building community by educating and empowering queer people of color in Central Florida. He was also on the Social Justice Panel for the Central Florida Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. His lived experience being a Black Queer licensed mental health counselor gives him a unique lens to write a workbook for parents on how to better support their queer children. You can find him on Instagram at @mentalhealthwithmarc

I Love My Queer Kid: A Workbook to Affirm and Support Your LGBTQ+ Child or Teen

I Love My Queer Kid: A Workbook to Affirm and Support Your LGBTQ+ Child or Teen

by Marc Campbell, LMHC Author

This workbook is for parents and other caretakers whose child or young adult has come out as gay, lesbian, bisexual,…


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