I Was A Teenage Mormon Zine

I Was A Teenage Mormon Zine

by Caitlin Kuleci Author

This one of my all time favorite zines, and I'll admit, I'm a little biased due to the fact that I spent 12 years in Utah and have my own personal feeling about the Mormon church as an outsider. But, this is the story of Caitlin and her personal experiences with the Mormon Church. It reads as a biography drawing you in to her life and her perspective as she treks through Mormonism and all of its social and familial quirkiness. All the talk of missionaries, the "Heavenly Father", Jell-O salads, and baptisms for the dead really helped create the world she lived in. I loved being able to see her grow and process the world around her as she shares her life on the pages. This is less of a theological deconstruction and more of a personal narrative meets sociological look at Mormon culture through the eyes of an intelligent young woman.

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I was GLUED to this zine, I can pick one single favorite but this is definitely on the list! I think everyone should read it.


I couldn't put it down, I just loved it. Although i'm not a member, i'm quite familiar with the church. I really felt for her, and was relieved to find she made it out. Wonderful writing too, would love to read more of caitlin's work.


This is an absolutley amazing story! I have been raised mormon in Orem, Utah and this zine speaks to me more than almost any other ever has! To me, it's about the slow and painful road to realization; about cutting the fucking chains of guilt and repression!!!


I loved this zine. It's probably my favorite zine as of now. When Caitlin talked about all her experiences growing up it made me want to be a kid again. Even if you aren't mormon (like myself) you can relate to all the things she had to endure while growing up. I think everybody should read this and then pass it on to a friend....


I LOVE this zine. I was raised a Southern Baptist and went through a very similar revelation and apostasy. I was crying at the end. If you've ever felt guilt, self-hate, or imprisonment from a religion you should read this. In fact even if you're just a human, you should read this.


My 14 year old brothers mom just recently had a crisis and moved him to utah and married into a huge mormon family. needless to say he's pretty bummed and freaked out. I think he could really use this. can you imagine? Mormonism AND puberty at the same time?!?? holy god!!