Sticker #075: Celebrate Efficiency over the Automobile

Sticker #075Celebrate Efficiency over the Automobile

by Joe Biel

Bikes are more energy efficient than cars. In other news, the sky is blue. Learn more: ...

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Sticker #077: Vote Republican

Sticker #077Vote Republican

by Joe Biel

Sometimes stereotypes are true...

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Sticker #082: Resist

Sticker #082Resist

by Matte Resist

Resist because compliance is not an option.

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Sticker #083: One Less Car

Sticker #083One Less Car

by Matte Resist

 "One less car" reads Matte Resist's iconic image, a block print silhouette of a bicyclist cruising happily away.

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Sticker #086: If Money Were No Object

Sticker #086If Money Were No Object

by Joe Biel

The root of all evil is deep and suffocating. 

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Sticker #087: Evolution

Sticker #087Evolution

by Joe Biel

Of course evolution went this way; exactly.

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Sticker #089: Wanted: Christopher Columbus

Sticker #089Wanted: Christopher Columbus

by Joe Biel

Grand theft. Genocide. Racism. Rape. Torture. Destruction of an entire c

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Sticker #091: Bike Punx

Sticker #091Bike Punx

by Joe Biel

How do you make bikes better? Add some punk. How do you make punk better? Add bikes. 

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Sticker #092: A Profile for Mass Shootings? How About White Suburban Male.

Sticker #092A Profile for Mass Shootings? How About White Suburban Male.

by Joe Biel

There's so much political resistance and debate around guns. While gun violence has been on tremendous decline for over ...

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Sticker #093: Noam Chomsky Quote

Sticker #093Noam Chomsky Quote

by Noam Chomsky

"The more you increase fear of drugs, crime, welfare mothers, immigrants, and aliens, the more you control all of the ...

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Sticker #094: My Bike Takes Me Places That School Never Could

Sticker #094My Bike Takes Me Places That School Never Could

 The best way to learn is to do, to explore, to ride. 

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Sticker #096: Wal Mart

Sticker #096Wal Mart

by Zack Hyde

 And even less for the world's sweatshop workers who supply their crap products! 

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Sticker #097: My Only Car is a Bicycle

Sticker #097My Only Car is a Bicycle

by Joe Biel

For when you don't have a car to put a "my other car is" sticker on. 

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Sticker #098: Fascism

Sticker #098Fascism

by Joe Biel

This sticker defines fascism: "Concentrated private control of wealth, control of information, massive ...

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Sticker #101: Gentrification is

Sticker #101Gentrification is

by Joe Biel

.. the destruction of a community when it is referred to as "development". It is characterized by adding things like ...

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Sticker #102: I heart My Bike

Sticker #102I heart My Bike

by Joe Biel

This sticker is pretty self explanatory. If you love your bike, perhaps you need a sticker to make sure everyone else ...

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Sticker #103: Environmental Stickers Don't Mean Shit

Sticker #103Environmental Stickers Don't Mean Shit

by Zack Hyde

"Environmental stickers don't mean shit when they are stuck to cars"... mic drop.

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Sticker #108: Skeleton & Cars

Sticker #108Skeleton & Cars

by Andy Singer

Pity the living. Pity the driving.

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Sticker #113: Price of Oil

Sticker #113Price of Oil

by Andy Singer

The cost is too high. 

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Sticker #120: Fuck Cars

Sticker #120Fuck Cars

 Let's steamroll the problem and find a new use for the scrap metal. 

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Sticker #121: One More Bike

Sticker #121One More Bike

by Joe Biel

Slow and steady wins the race may be a proverb, but we've got something the tortoise never had: wheels. 

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Sticker #122: One Less Suv

Sticker #122One Less Suv

by Joe Biel

Making the world better, one less ridiculously unnecessary vehicle at a time. 

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Sticker #126: Bike Punks

Sticker #126Bike Punks

by Meggyn Pomerleau

These cats on bikes can't be stopped!

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Sticker #146: Who Would Jesus Bomb?

Sticker #146Who Would Jesus Bomb?

by Joe Biel

 WWJB doesn't quite roll of the tongue like WWJD. 

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Sticker #149: Put The Fun Between Your Legs (square)

Sticker #149Put The Fun Between Your Legs (square)

by Joe Biel

Get your mind out of the gutter! Or don't. That's cool too.

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